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NEW YORK, July 2, 2024- In a groundbreaking move to redefine the dual-screen laptop market, ACEMAGIC introduced the ACEMAGIC X1 is introduced. The Intel Core™ i7-1255U processor powers this innovative device and features dual 14-inch Full HD displays.

Revolutionary Dual-Screen Technology

The ACEMAGIC X1 boasts a unique 360° horizontal folding dual-screen design, allowing users unparalleled flexibility in adjusting the displays to meet their needs. Whether for video conferencing, data analysis, or multitasking, this innovative dual-screen configuration dramatically enhances collaborative efficiency and user comfort.

More than just a laptop, the ACEMAGIC X1 is an efficient mobile workstation that redefines the concept of dual-screen notebooks and sets new standards for the future of mobile business operations. As technology advances, the ACEMAGIC X1 is poised to become an indispensable tool for business professionals.

Adding to its distinctive appeal, ACEMAGIC has engraved Steve Jobs’s iconic quote, "Stay hungry, Stay foolish," in real gold on the left side of the keyboard. This touch symbolizes the device's premium quality and innovative spirit.

For professionals seeking to enhance their work efficiency with cutting-edge technology, the ACEMAGIC X1 stands out as a compelling choice. For more information, please visit the ACEMAGIC official website or follow our ACEMAGIC  social media accounts.



ACEMAGIC, known for its expertise in MINIPCs, focuses on creating high-quality, innovative products that enhance user experience. The new ACEMAGIC X1 business laptop offers improved productivity and flexibility for professionals worldwide.


ACEMAGIC is thrilled to announce the pre-launch of the highly anticipated ACEMAGIC X1. For those eager to experience this groundbreaking dual-screen laptop, interested individuals can visit the official ACEMAGIC website and subscribe to receive an exclusive early bird discount. This special offer is available for a limited time only, so don't miss out on the chance to be among the first to own this revolutionary device. Act fast while stocks last!

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