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Hey, gaming enthusiasts! Looking for a powerhouse that's both affordable and high-performing? Meet the ACEMAGIC CK10, your gateway to an immersive gaming experience without breaking the bank. This mini desktop dynamo, priced at an incredible $299, is set to revolutionize your gaming escapades with its exceptional specifications and smart features.

Intel Core i7 Processor and 16GB RAM Power Combo

The ACEMAGIC CK10 houses an Intel Core i7 processor, the secret sauce behind its top-tier gaming performance. Combined with a staggering 16GB RAM, this gaming PC RTX 3060 doesn't just promise seamless multitasking; it ensures lag-free gaming even when tackling the most demanding titles. Let's not overlook the flexibility it offers for future enhancements, accommodating up to 32GB RAM for those seeking an extra edge in performance.

Storage Brilliance: 512GB SSD Expandable to 2TB

The storage game remains robust in the ACEMAGIC CK10. Sporting a 512GB SSD that epitomizes speed and efficiency, this gaming PC RTX 3060 TI doesn't hold back. Plus, it's expandable up to a massive 2TB, ensuring you never have to compromise on storing your extensive game library.

RTX 3060

Triple Display Outputs: 4K@60Hz for Ultimate Visuals

Prepare to elevate your gaming PC server to the next level! This mini PC goes beyond expectations, supporting triple display output with stunning visuals at a jaw-dropping 4K resolution and a silky-smooth 60Hz refresh rate. Equipped with HDMI*2 and VGA ports, it's your ticket to immersive gaming glory across multiple screens.

Compact Design with Versatile Connectivity

Size doesn't limit its power; it enhances it. The ACEMAGIC CK10's mini desktop configuration not only saves space but also offers versatile connectivity through its dual HDMI and VGA ports. Experience the freedom of triple display output without sacrificing desk real estate, a feature sought after in gaming PCs under $400.

Silent Performance & Efficient Heat Dissipation

Dream of gaming without the constant drone of a roaring fan? The ACEMAGIC CK10 grants your wish. Its built-in silent control chip ensures a noise-free gaming experience, while its heat dissipation mechanism works silently in the background, handling heat like a pro.

Stability & Smart Connectivity Features

Power isn't everything; stability and convenience matter, too. This mini PC not only packs power but also supports automatic power-on, RTC wake-up, and wake-on-LAN features. Coupled with WiFi 2.4G/5G and Bluetooth 4.2 capabilities, it ensures a stable and connected gaming experience every time you fire it up.

Comparison Between RTXs

Let's break down the comparisons between these gaming PCs featuring the RTX 3070, RTX 3090, RTX 4070, and RTX 4080.

Gaming PC with RTX 3070

The RTX 3070-powered gaming PCs strike an excellent balance between performance and value. They offer formidable graphics capabilities, making them ideal for high-quality gaming experiences at a relatively affordable price point. With impressive ray tracing and AI-powered features, the RTX 3070 delivers smooth gameplay for most modern titles, handling high settings without breaking a sweat.

RTX 3080

Gaming PC with RTX 3090

Stepping up to the RTX 3090 brings gaming to an entirely different echelon. This powerhouse GPU caters to enthusiasts and professionals seeking top-tier performance. With an immense 24GB of GDDR6X memory and exceptional processing power, the RTX 3090 allows for ultra-high-resolution gaming, 3D rendering, and content creation. It's a beast designed for those who demand the absolute best in gaming and creative work.

Gaming PC with RTX 4070

While the RTX 4070 isn't released yet, it's anticipated to follow the trend of its predecessors, offering significant advancements in performance and graphics capabilities. Expected to build upon the foundation set by the RTX 3070, the 4070 is speculated to bring refined ray tracing, improved AI processing, and enhanced performance, catering to gamers looking for that next leap in gaming technology.

Gaming PC with RTX 4080

Similar to the RTX 4070, the RTX 4080 hasn't hit the market, but it's projected to be a game-changer. With expected advancements in architecture, higher CUDA core counts, improved ray tracing, and possibly enhanced memory configurations, the RTX 4080 aims to set new benchmarks in gaming performance, delivering unparalleled graphical fidelity and gaming experiences.

The progression from RTX 3070 to 3090 and the anticipated releases of the RTX 4070 and 4080 showcase an evolution in gaming GPU capabilities, targeting different consumer segments with varying needs, from affordability and performance balance to top-tier gaming and cutting-edge technology.

Order ACEMAGIC CK10 - The Ultimate Gaming Powerhouse

The ACEMAGIC CK10 Intel Core i7 Gaming PC is more than just a gaming pc with wifi; it's a gaming revolution packed into a compact, affordable package. With its robust specifications, triple display output, silent operation, and smart features, it's a game-changer for gamers seeking top-tier performance without the hefty price tag. Whether you're exploring gaming PCs with WiFi, seeking a gaming server, or simply looking for a good gaming PC under $300, the ACEMAGIC CK10 ticks all the right boxes.


What is RTX 3060 Good For?

The RTX 3060 is excellent for gaming, offering a great balance between performance and affordability. It's designed to handle modern games at high settings, providing smooth gameplay experiences and supporting ray tracing for enhanced visuals.

Is RTX 3060 Good for Gaming?

Yes, the RTX 3060 is a solid choice for gaming. It's capable of handling most games at 1080p and 1440p resolutions with high frame rates, delivering a smooth gaming experience with impressive graphics.

What Power Supply Do I Need for RTX 3060?

For an RTX 3060, a power supply unit (PSU) with a capacity of around 550 watts is recommended. This ensures stable power delivery to the GPU and other components in your system, allowing for optimal performance without any power-related issues.

Can RTX 3060 Run 4K?

While the RTX 3060 can technically run games at 4K resolution, it's more suitable for 1080p or 1440p gaming. At 4K, you might need to lower settings to achieve playable frame rates, but for smoother performance, 1080p or 1440p resolutions are ideal.

How Much FPS Can an RTX 3060 Run on Fortnite?

The RTX 3060 can deliver impressive FPS (frames per second) on Fortnite. At 1080p resolution with high settings, it can achieve well over 100 FPS, offering a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience. At 1440p, FPS remains strong, usually above 60 FPS, providing solid gameplay visuals and performance.

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