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In 2023, Acemagic is rolling out its best member-exclusive deals, offering unparalleled discounts and access to premium tech. Members can enjoy exclusive access to the best tech and discounts. They can also take advantage of unique offers and deals only available to members.

Don't miss out on this opportunity! This exclusive deal caters to members, providing a remarkable 20% discount on their first purchase from the 1st to the 15th of every month.

Let's delve into the extraordinary models and their exclusive deal prices offered by Acemagic:

ACEMAGIC AMR5 Mini with 0 RAM and 0 SSD PC - $239

The ACEMAGIC AMR5 Mini PC presents an intriguing proposition for tech enthusiasts seeking a customizable and versatile computing solution. Despite its seemingly unconventional specs—this model offers a unique blank canvas for users to tailor their computing experience precisely to their needs.

Priced at $239, this barebones configuration allows users to handpick and install their preferred RAM and SSD, optimizing the system's performance to their specific requirements.

This flexibility appeals to users who prioritize customization and seek to build a system that perfectly aligns with their computing demands, whether it's for basic tasks or more intricate computing needs.

acemagic amr5

Additionally, this model's affordability, coupled with its potential for customization, makes it an attractive choice for DIY enthusiasts and individuals looking for a budget-friendly yet adaptable computing solution. Despite its minimal specs out of the box, the ACEMAGIC AMR5 Mini offers a promising platform for users to create a personalized computing setup that suits their exact preferences and workflow.

ACEMAGIC AMR5 Mini with 32 RAM and 512 SSD - Deal Price $319

The ACEMAGIC AMR5 Mini with 32 RAM and 512 SSD emerges as a powerhouse within its compact frame, offering an impressive blend of performance and storage capabilities. Priced at a deal rate of $319, this model packs a punch with its upgraded specifications.

With 32GB of RAM and a spacious 512GB SSD, this Mini PC ensures seamless multitasking and swift responsiveness, catering to users who demand efficiency and speed in their computing experience. The substantial RAM capacity allows for effortless handling of resource-intensive tasks, while the sizable SSD offers ample storage space for files, applications, and media.

This configuration suits a wide array of users, from professionals needing robust computing power for demanding workloads to enthusiasts seeking a reliable system for gaming or content creation. The combination of ample memory and storage in such a compact form factor at an attractive deal price makes the ACEMAGIC AMR5 Mini an enticing option for those prioritizing performance and value in their computing devices.

ACEMAGIC G1 Gaming Mini PC - Deal Price $460

The ACEMAGIC G1 Gaming Mini PC stands as an epitome of gaming prowess within a compact design, showcasing unparalleled performance and immersive capabilities. Offered at an enticing deal price of $460, this gaming powerhouse redefines the gaming experience.

Crafted for gaming aficionados, this Mini PC boasts cutting-edge features and robust components tailored for high-end gaming sessions. Its optimized architecture, coupled with advanced graphics processing, ensures seamless gameplay, vivid graphics, and swift rendering, enhancing the overall gaming immersion.

Beyond gaming, the ACEMAGIC G1 Mini PC doubles as a versatile entertainment hub, effortlessly handling multimedia tasks and content creation endeavors. The amalgamation of sheer power, graphical finesse, and compactness makes it an ideal choice for enthusiasts seeking an all-in-one gaming and entertainment solution.

acemagic s1

The ACEMAGIC G1 Gaming Mini PC, with its amalgamation of performance, aesthetics, and functionality, caters to the discerning needs of gamers and multimedia enthusiasts, delivering an unparalleled gaming and entertainment experience at an accessible deal price.

ACEMAGIC AX15 Laptop - Deal Price $359

The ACEMAGIC AX15 Laptop is a delectable treat for tech enthusiasts, blending savory performance with a sweet deal price of $359. This laptop offers a delightful combination of portability and power, making it a scrumptious choice for users seeking a flavorful computing experience.

With its sleek design and delectable features, the ACEMAGIC AX15 Laptop serves up a feast for the senses. Its snappy performance, fueled by robust specifications, ensures smooth multitasking and zesty responsiveness for various tasks, from work to entertainment.

acemagic ax15

This laptop's affordability, coupled with its satisfying performance, makes it a tantalizing option for those craving a delightful blend of functionality and value.

Whether savoring productivity or indulging in multimedia delights, the ACEMAGIC AX15 Laptop is a mouthwatering choice, offering a fulfilling computing experience that leaves a delicious impression. Bite into this deal and savor the flavorful mix of performance and affordability served by the ACEMAGIC AX15 Laptop!

ACEMAGIC CK10 Mini PC - Deal Price $239

The ACEMAGIC CK10 Mini PC, priced at a tantalizing $239 deal, packs a punch in a petite package. This compact powerhouse boasts commendable performance, making it a delightful choice for users seeking efficiency without compromising on space or budget.

Ideal for everyday computing needs, this Mini PC offers a convenient solution for tasks like browsing, office work, and multimedia consumption. Its affordability, coupled with its compact form factor, makes it an appealing option for those craving a reliable yet budget-friendly computing companion.

Embrace the ACEMAGIC CK10 Mini PC for a pocket-friendly solution that delivers commendable performance without breaking the bank.

ACEMAGIC GK5 Mini PC - Deal Price $99

The ACEMAGIC GK5 Mini PC, priced attractively at just $99, stands as a budget-friendly gem in the tech realm. Despite its modest price tag, this Mini PC delivers commendable value, offering a compact yet capable computing solution.

Tailored for essential computing tasks, the ACEMAGIC GK5 Mini PC doesn't compromise on functionality. Its affordability makes it an ideal choice for users seeking a basic yet reliable system for everyday use, from browsing the web to handling routine office tasks.

This budget-friendly marvel proves that quality computing doesn't always come with a hefty price. For those seeking an economical yet dependable Mini PC, the ACEMAGIC GK5 stands out as a cost-effective gem in the market.

Why Only Acemagic?

Now, why should you consider investing in these Acemagic products? Here are five compelling reasons:

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Acemagic products are built with the latest technology, ensuring top-notch performance and efficiency.
  • Sleek Design and Portability: The sleek designs and portability of these devices make them perfect for both work and play, offering convenience without compromising performance.
mini pcs from acemagic
  • Exceptional Performance: Whether it's heavy gaming or demanding work tasks, Acemagic products deliver exceptional performance, meeting various user needs.
  • Value for Money: Despite the discounted prices, Acemagic products maintain their quality and provide excellent value for money, ensuring a worthy investment.
  • Customer Support and Warranty: Acemagic prioritizes customer satisfaction, offering reliable customer support and warranties, ensuring a seamless user experience.


Acemagic's member-exclusive deal in 2023 unveils a range of high-quality tech products at unbeatable prices. From Mini PCs to Gaming PCs and Laptops, each product offers unique features and exceptional performance. The 20% discount for members on their first order between the 1st and 15th of every month adds incredible value to these already impressive deals.


How Can I Become a Member to Access These Exclusive Deals?

To become a member and access these exclusive deals, you can sign up on Acemagic's website. Look for the membership section or a signup option to create an account. Once registered, you'll gain access to the exclusive deals offered to members.

Are There Any Limitations on the Quantities for the Discounted Purchases?

The specific limitations on quantities for discounted purchases may vary based on the product and the ongoing promotions. It's recommended to check the terms and conditions or product descriptions for any purchase limitations associated with the exclusive deals.

Does Acemagic Ship Internationally?

Yes, Acemagic offers international shipping services to various countries worldwide. However, shipping availability and applicable charges might differ based on the destination. During the checkout process, you can verify whether your location is eligible for international shipping.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted for These Exclusive Deals?

Acemagic accepts various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and other secure online payment options. The available payment methods may differ depending on your location and the specific terms for exclusive deals.

Are These Exclusive Deals Applicable to All Acemagic Stores Worldwide?

Acemagic aims to offer exclusive deals across its stores globally. However, there might be certain regional variations or specific terms associated with certain locations. It's advisable to verify the deal's applicability to your local Acemagic store or check their online platform for availability in your region.

What are the Benefits of Buying ACEMAGIC Mini PCs?

Choosing a gaming PC from ACEMAGIC comes with numerous benefits. Models like Tank 03, S1, AMR5, and AD08 offer high-performance components, ensuring seamless graphics and speed for an optimal gaming experience. ACEMAGIC's commitment to quality ensures durability, and their reputation, backed by positive user reviews, provides confidence in your purchase.

Additionally, the brand offers excellent customer support, making ACEMAGIC a compelling choice for gaming enthusiasts seeking a reliable, high-performance gaming PC.

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