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A decade ago, talking about AI computers was unthinkable, but today, everything has changed due to huge advancements in the IT sector. To run with the trends and stand out among the competition in artificial intelligence, ACEMAGIC is launching its most powerful AI Magic Cube. This Intel Core Ultra AI Mini PC combines a slim design with the latest Intel processor and a powerful AI engine. 
For professionals who wish to take advantage of the latest AI technology, this is the ideal machine. ACEMAGIC's AI Mini PC is sure to redefine the AI experience. We will discuss each of its features and specifications one by one. We'll provide you with a detailed image of this desktop PC available for just $1099, so stay tuned.

Specs of ACEMAGIC Intel Core AI Compact Desktops

This turbo AI compact desktop comes with 2 processors.

Ultra5/125H Vs Ultra7/155H Processors


Ultra5 125H Processor         

Ultra7 155H Processor  

  1. Architecture and Cores

Balanced architecture for efficiency 

Performance-centric with more cores

  1. Clock Speed (Base)


Higher base frequency for speed   

  1. Turbo Boost

Up to 4.8GHz 

Turbo boost for maximum power   

  1. Multitasking

Efficient multitasking capabilities 

Ideal for resource-intensive tasks  

  1. Power Efficiency

Prioritizes power efficiency 

Slightly less power-efficient, robust

  1. Use Cases

Everyday computing tasks  

Resource-demanding applications

  1. Affordability


It may come at a slightly higher price

The Powerful Trio: CPU, GPU, NPU

The synergistic integration of GPU, CPU, and NPU forms a potent trio, fostering seamless multitasking and efficient processing. The GPU excels in graphics-intensive tasks, the CPU handles general computations, while the NPU specializes in AI-related operations. This collaborative approach optimizes performance, allowing the system to tackle diverse workloads concurrently, resulting in a well-rounded and responsive computing experience.

High Storage: Boosting Speed

AI is the second name of speed. ACEMAGIC AI PC has 32GB DDR5, which catapults its performance to an unmatched level. The synergy of high-speed DDR5 and a capacious 1TB storage, operating at a swift 5000MB/s, forms the backbone of this AI PC's exceptional speed. With a memory speed of 4800 MT/s, the ACEMAGIC Intel Core AI Compact Desktop ensures not only seamless multitasking but also expeditious data processing. This amalgamation of cutting-edge technologies transforms the compact PC into a super-fast computing powerhouse, ready to tackle the most demanding AI-driven tasks with finesse.

Seamless Connectivity 

With ACEMAGIC Mini PCs, you can choose between pre built or custom options, as well as super-fast connectivity options. Same here; in this form factor, you can elevate your AI desktop PC experience with the cutting-edge capabilities of Wifi 7. Unleashing enhanced speed, reliability, and expansive coverage, Wifi 7 propels your device into the future of connectivity. In the age of AI computing, where data transfer and communication are paramount, the upgraded connectivity of Wifi 7 ensures a seamless and robust connection. This facilitates efficient handling of AI-related tasks, enabling your desktop computer to process information swiftly and respond seamlessly, ultimately enhancing its overall performance in the connected world.

Three AI Engines: Lightning AI Visuals

Explore the AI Visual Three, an innovation powerhouse integrating GPU, CPU, and NPU for unparalleled intelligent processing. In the realm of visuals, the GPU ensures immersive experiences, while the CPU handles general tasks, and the NPU accelerates AI-specific workloads. This triple engine creates a symbiotic relationship, orchestrating a seamless and responsive user experience. With the inclusion of Intel¬ģ Arc'‚ĄĘ Graphics, this trio takes visual processing to new heights, promising cutting-edge performance for graphics-intensive applications and solidifying the AI Visual Three as a triple threat in the landscape of AI Desktop PCs.

LLM 20B: Smooth Operations 

The LLM20B, boasting an extensive 20 billion parameters, facilitates seamless operations in the realm of large language models. Its three robust AI engines introduce local hybrid AI computing capabilities for AI PCs. This ensures the fluid execution of diverse neural network models like LeNetV3, InceptionV4, YOLOV3, DeepLabV3, Real-ESRGAN, and ResNet50. The LLM20B stands as a powerful catalyst for smooth and efficient AI-driven tasks, providing a versatile platform for various applications with its comprehensive model support.

Some Additional Specifications 

Artificial Voice

The AI Mini PC stands as a pinnacle of technological innovation, characterized by ultra-low response times and zero latency. This marvel excels in achieving seamless voice changing, enabling creators to attain flawless effects during sound recording and real-time voice modulation in video streaming. The all-in-one solution encompasses voice synthesis, conversion, and cloning, ensuring a versatile tool for creators seeking perfection in voice-related tasks. This compact powerhouse redefines the landscape, offering unprecedented capabilities for a myriad of audio applications with unparalleled efficiency.

Support 8k Live Video Streaming

Fortuitously; this Intel Core Ultra AI PC extends its support to the dynamic realm of 8K live video streaming within virtual environments. Seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology and robust processing capabilities, it opens new horizons for immersive content delivery. With the ability to navigate the intricacies of high-resolution video streaming, this PC becomes a pivotal tool for creators, businesses, and enthusiasts, ensuring a fluid and engaging experience for virtual audiences and content consumers alike.

Windows AI

This mini PC also integrates seamlessly with Windows AI, enhancing its functionality and opening up a realm of possibilities. The synergy between the compact design and the power of Windows AI brings forth a computing experience like never before. Users can leverage the intelligent capabilities of Windows AI for efficient multitasking, advanced data processing, and seamless integration of AI-driven features. This integration transforms the desktop computer into a versatile and intelligent computing solution, catering to diverse needs with the familiarity and robustness of the Windows operating system.

Connectivity Ports 

Connectivity is a forte of this PC, featuring a comprehensive array of ports for diverse needs.
Front Ports:
  • USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 * 1
  • USB-A 3.2 Gen 1 * 2
  • 3.5mm Audio
  • Power
Back Ports:
  • USB-A 3.2 Gen 2 * 2
  • HDMI * 2
  • LAN * 1
  • DC/IN

Buy Now!

It's time to take action while staying within your budget. There is no doubt that the ACEMAGIC Intel Core Ai Mini PC is the ultimate supercomputer for your needs. It is a powerful yet compact device that can run various applications and tasks with ease. The ACEMAGIC Mini PC is also energy efficient, so you can save money in the long run. Order today!


What Distinguishes AI Mini PCs From Conventional Computers?

AI Mini PCs are specialized devices equipped with dedicated artificial intelligence processing capabilities, enabling them to handle complex tasks like machine learning, voice recognition, and image processing with enhanced efficiency.

Can I Upgrade the AI Capabilities of My Desktop Computer Over Time?

While these PCs come with powerful AI processors, upgradability depends on the specific model. Some may allow upgrades, while others might have fixed configurations. Check the product specifications for details.

How Do AI PCs Enhance My Daily Computing Tasks?

AI compact computers excel in multitasking, offering faster data processing and improved efficiency. They are ideal for tasks like voice commands, image recognition, and other AI-driven functionalities, providing a more intuitive and responsive user experience.

Are AI Desktop Computers Suitable for Gaming Applications?

Yes, many AI desktop computers are designed to handle gaming applications efficiently. Their advanced processors and graphics capabilities contribute to smoother gameplay, faster rendering, and enhanced overall gaming experiences.

What Operating Systems Are Compatible With AI PCs?

AI small PCs are versatile and often support a range of operating systems. Common choices include Windows, Linux, and others, depending on the model. Ensure that your choice of operating system is compatible with the product specifications.

Is It Possible to Use AI Small Computers For Professional Applications?

Absolutely. Many PCs are equipped with high-performance processors and dedicated graphics cards, making them well-suited to complex professional applications like video editing, 3D rendering, and graphic design.

How Do PCs Contribute to Energy Efficiency?

AI computers are designed with efficiency in mind, utilizing advanced processors that optimize power consumption. This results in energy-efficient computing, making them an environmentally friendly option compared to traditional desktop computers.

Is AI Form Factor Suitable For Non-Technical Users?

Yes, they are user-friendly and designed for individuals with varying technical expertise. They often come with intuitive interfaces and pre-installed software, making them accessible for users at different skill levels.

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