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Today, the shift towards compact yet powerful devices is becoming more pronounced. For those searching for a seamless blend of functionality for both professional tasks and gaming escapades, Mini PCs stand as a testament to innovation. 

Among the myriad options, ACEMAGIC Mini PCs have emerged as a reliable choice, offering a perfect fusion of office productivity and gaming prowess. This guide will assist you through the intricacies of finding the best Mini PC for your needs, shedding light on factors like form factor, operating systems, and gaming capabilities.

Small Computers- A Glimpse into the Future

Our desktops have been making waves in the tech sphere, providing a compact solution without compromising on performance. These mini powerhouses come in various configurations, catering to different needs. Whether you are an avid gamer or a professional in need of a reliable workstation, we have something to offer.

Form Factor Matters - Choosing the Right Size

When it comes to desktop computers, one size does not fit all. The form factor plays a crucial role in specifying the overall size and shape of the device. We offer a range of form factors, from small and sleek options to slightly larger models that accommodate more robust components. Consider your workspace and preferences when selecting the form factor that aligns with your needs.

ACEMAGIC’s Mini PCs for Gaming Enthusiasts

Gaming on a Mini PC doesn't mean sacrificing performance. We have carved a niche in the gaming arena with desktop computers designed specifically for enthusiasts. These compact gaming powerhouses boast impressive graphics, high refresh rates, and efficient cooling systems, ensuring a lag-free gaming experience.

Performance of Our Mini PCs

Despite their small size, our Mini PCs pack a punch in terms of performance. Equipped with cutting-edge processors, ample RAM, and high-speed storage options, these devices excel in both office tasks and gaming demands. The transition from a full-size desktop computer to a Mini PC doesn't mean compromising on capabilities.

Best Operating Systems 

Our desktop PCs are versatile in terms of operating systems. Whether you prefer Windows for its compatibility with a myriad of applications or Linux for its customization options, We cater to diverse user preferences. The flexibility in operating systems ensures that you can seamlessly transition from your full-size desktop computer to a Mini PC without missing a beat.

Desktop Computers in Home Entertainment

Its utility extends beyond the office and gaming realms. These compact devices serve as excellent companions for home entertainment setups. Connect them to your TV, and you have a powerful media center at your disposal, combining productivity and leisure seamlessly.

PCs in the Modern World

In the age of connectivity, having the right ports and connectivity options is crucial. Our Mini PCs are designed with modern users in mind, featuring a range of USB ports, HDMI outputs, and wireless connectivity options. Transitioning from a full-size desktop PC to a Mini PC doesn't mean compromising on the convenience of multiple connectivity options.

ACEMAGIC’s Whisper-Quiet Mini PCs

One concern often associated with compact devices is the noise level. We address this with their whisper-quiet Mini PCs. Enjoy the power and performance without the distracting hum commonly associated with full-size desktop computers. This feature contributes to the overall user experience, making our desktop PCs an ideal choice for both work and play.

Size Towering Over Competition 

These desktop PCs stand out not only for their performance but also for their unique design. The size may be compact, but the impact is substantial. The sleek and modern aesthetics of desktop PCs lend an air of sophistication to your workspace, proving that size does not necessarily dictate style.


While desktop PCs are known for their compact nature, we understand the importance of future-proofing. These devices are designed with upgradeability in mind, permitting users to swap out individual parts as needed. Transitioning from a full-size desktop PC to a Mini PC ensures that your investment remains relevant in the face of evolving technology.

24/7 Support 

Navigating the shift from a full-size desktop PC to a Mini PC can be daunting, but ACEMAGIC provides excellent customer support to ease the transition. From setup assistance to troubleshooting, their support team ensures a smooth experience, making a move to a desktop computer seamless.

The Windows Mini PCs Available at ACEMAGIC

We offer a selection of models to cater to the unique needs of gaming enthusiasts, professionals, and those seeking a superb desktop experience.


The AMR5 takes center stage as a mini gaming PC that shatters performance boundaries. Powered by the formidable AMD Ryzen‚ĄĘ 7 5700U processor, this mini powerhouse ensures a seamless gaming experience and tackles resource-intensive tasks with ease.¬†

Beyond its processing prowess, the ACEMAGIC AMR5 offers a visual feast with support for 4K visuals at 60Hz, creating a gaming experience that's both immersive and visually stunning. The addition of customizable RGB lighting effects and a high-efficiency cooling system makes the AMR5 not just a gaming PC but a visual spectacle.

S1 Desktop PC 

The S1 introduces a new era in gaming with its Intel 12th Alder Lake N95 processor. This cutting-edge CPU architecture, coupled with Intel¬ģ UHD Graphics, delivers exceptional power and visual finesse. The S1 offers versatile storage and memory configurations, catering to diverse user needs.¬†

Whether you opt for the 16GB DDR RAM with a 512GB SSD or the upgraded 1TB SSD with WIFI 6 support, the S1 ensures a top-tier gaming experience. Its compact desktop design maximizes space without skimping on performance, making it an ideal choice for gamers seeking power in a smaller footprint.


Fueled by the formidable i7-12700H processor and boasting the RTX 3070 graphics, the Tank03 sets new benchmarks in mini PC performance. This graphics powerhouse delivers stunning visuals, smooth frame rates, and real-time ray tracing, making it a dream for gamers and content creators alike. 

With 32GB RAM, a 1TB SSD, and advanced connectivity features like Bluetooth 5.2 and WIFI 6, the Tank03 ensures a seamless experience for gaming, streaming, and multitasking.


At the heart of the AD08 lies the Intel Core i9-12900H processor, embodying speed and efficiency. This mini desktop, equipped with 32GB RAM and 512GB storage, ensures exceptional multitasking capabilities and swift access to data. 

The AD08 doesn't just deliver performance; it adds flair to your setup with customizable RGB lighting, elevating your desktop experience.

Dissecting Each ACEMAGIC Desktop PC

To provide a more detailed understanding, let's delve into the specific hardware specifications, performance benchmarks, user experience, and unique selling points of each mini PC. From the CPU and GPU to RAM, storage options, connectivity ports, and additional features, we'll uncover what sets these devices apart in the competitive market.

Windows 10 vs. Windows 11 Mini PCs

The switch from Windows 10 to Windows 11 for mini computers signifies a significant evolution in the computing landscape. Windows 11 introduces key enhancements, including a redesigned user interface, Snap Layouts, a revamped Microsoft Store, gaming improvements, Widgets, and Microsoft Teams integration. 

While ensuring a more modern and intuitive user experience, it's crucial to consider system requirements for a smooth transition. The benefits of enhanced features and improved performance make the shift worthwhile for those seeking an advanced computing experience on compact devices.

Making the Leap 

Finding the best Office & Gaming Mini PC involves careful consideration of factors like form factor, gaming capabilities, operating systems, and performance. ACEMAGIC emerges as a reliable choice, offering a diverse range of small computers that cater to different needs. Transitioning from a full-size desktop PC to a Mini PC doesn't mean compromising on power or functionality. Embrace the compact revolution with us and redefine your computing experience.


What is a Gaming Mini PC?

A Gaming PC is a compact desktop computer designed specifically for gaming. These systems pack powerful components into a smaller form factor, offering a space-efficient alternative to traditional gaming rigs.

Key Information:

  • Compact size for space efficiency.
  • Tailored for gaming performance.
  • Houses powerful components.

How Does a Gaming PC Differ From a Regular PC?

A desktop PC differs from a regular gaming PC in its size and form factor. While both are geared towards gaming, mini PCs prioritize space efficiency, making them ideal for those with limited desk space or a preference for a sleek setup.

Key Information:

  • Compact design for space optimization.
  • Similar gaming capabilities to larger counterparts.
  • Suitable for users with limited space.

What Components are Crucial for Gaming Performance in Desktop Computers?

They rely on key components such as a high-performance CPU, a dedicated graphics card, sufficient RAM, and fast storage (SSD). These elements collectively ensure smooth gameplay and quick load times for an immersive gaming experience.

Key Information:

  • High-performance CPU for processing.
  • Dedicated graphics card for optimal visuals.
  • Fast storage (SSD) for quick load times.

Can Gaming Desktops Handle Demanding AAA Games?

Yes, Gaming Mini PCs are designed to handle demanding AAA games. With powerful CPUs and dedicated graphics cards, these mini systems deliver impressive performance, providing a seamless gaming experience even with graphically intensive titles.

Key Information:

  • Tailored for handling AAA games.
  • Powerful components for optimal performance.
  • Ensures a seamless gaming experience.

Are Gaming Small PCs Upgradeable?

Their upgradeability varies. Some models allow component upgrades, such as adding more RAM or replacing the storage, while others may have limited upgrade options due to their compact design. Always check the specifications and user manual for upgrade information.

Key Information:

  • Upgrade options depend on the model.
  • Some allow RAM and storage upgrades.
  • A compact design may limit certain upgrades.

How Do Form Factor PCs Handle Heat Management?

They employ various heat management techniques. These include efficient cooling systems, heat sinks, and sometimes even liquid cooling solutions. The compact design often requires innovative thermal solutions to maintain optimal operating temperatures during extended gaming sessions.

Key Information:

  • Efficient cooling systems in place.
  • Heat sinks for temperature regulation.
  • Some models may feature liquid cooling.

What Peripherals are Compatible with Gaming Desktops?

They are compatible with a wide range of peripherals. Most models feature USB ports, audio jacks, and HDMI or DisplayPort outputs for monitors. Wireless peripherals such as gaming mice and keyboards with USB dongles are also supported.

Key Information:

  • USB ports for versatile peripheral connection.
  • Audio jacks for sound accessories.
  • HDMI/DisplayPort outputs for monitors.

Do These PCs Come With Pre-Installed games?

Typically, they do not come with pre-installed games. The operating system may be pre-installed, but games are generally left for users to choose and download based on their preferences.

Key Information:

  • The operating system is usually pre-installed.
  • Users choose and download games separately.
  • No pre-installed games by default.

Can Small Computers Be Used for Tasks Other Than Gaming?

Yes, Gaming Mini PCs can be used for tasks beyond gaming. Their powerful components make them suitable for content creation, productivity, and multimedia consumption. They offer versatility, allowing users to switch between gaming and other activities seamlessly.

Key Information:

  • Suitable for content creation and productivity.
  • Versatile usage beyond gaming.
  • Powerful components for various tasks.

How Energy-Efficient are These PCs?

They vary in energy efficiency depending on their components and design. Some models are designed to be power-efficient, while others with high-performance components may consume more power. Checking the product specifications and reviews can provide insights into the energy efficiency of a specific model.

Key Information:

  • Energy efficiency varies among models.
  • Some models prioritize power efficiency.
  • Higher-performing components may consume more power.

Can PCs Support Virtual Reality (VR) Gaming?

Yes, many Gaming PCs are VR-ready. To ensure a smooth VR experience, check for a powerful GPU, sufficient RAM, and the required ports for VR headsets. Not all models may be VR-compatible, so verify the specifications before making a purchase.

Key Information:

  • VR readiness depends on specifications.
  • Look for a powerful GPU and ample RAM.
  • Verify compatibility with specific VR headsets.

What is the Expected Lifespan of a Small Desktop?

Its lifespan varies based on usage and maintenance. On average, with regular updates and proper care, these systems can last around 5-7 years. Component quality, cooling efficiency, and upgradeability also impact overall longevity.

Key Information:

  • Lifespan averages 5-7 years.
  • Regular updates and maintenance enhance longevity.
  • Component quality and cooling play vital roles.

Do Small Computers Come With Warranty Coverage?

Yes, most come with warranty coverage. Warranties typically range from one to three years, offering protection against manufacturing defects. It's essential to register the product and keep the purchase receipt for warranty claims.

Key Information:

  • Warranty coverage is common.
  • Duration usually ranges from 1-3 years.
  • Register the product for warranty claims.

How Do I Connect Gaming Minis to the Internet?

You can connect them to the internet through various means. Most models have built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet ports. Users can choose either wireless or wired connections based on their preference and the availability of network infrastructure.

Key Information:

  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet ports.
  • Users can choose between wireless and wired connections.
  • Depends on personal preference and network infrastructure.

Are Desktop PCs Compatible With Gaming Consoles?

Gaming PCs and gaming consoles are separate entities. They operate independently and do not directly connect. However, some users use capture cards to stream console gameplay on their Mini PCs. Ensure your desktop PC has the necessary ports and capabilities for such setups.

Key Information:

  • Operate independently from gaming consoles.
  • Capture cards may enable console gameplay streaming.
  • Check for required ports and capabilities.

What is the Optimal Display Setup for Desktop Computers? 

The optimal display setup depends on personal preferences and gaming requirements. Most Gaming Mini Desktops support multiple monitors through HDMI or DisplayPort outputs. Consider factors like resolution, refresh rate, and panel type to create an immersive gaming environment.

Key Information:

  • Supports multiple monitors through HDMI/DisplayPort.
  • Optimal setup varies based on preferences.
  • Consider resolution, refresh rate, and panel type.

Can I Build My Own Gaming Mini PC?

Yes, building your own PC is possible. Many enthusiasts prefer this approach for customization. Ensure compatibility between components, check the case size, and follow step-by-step guides or video tutorials for a successful DIY build.

Key Information:

  • DIY Gaming Mini Computer builds are possible.
  • Ensure compatibility between components.
  • Follow step-by-step guides for a successful build.

What is the Significance of RAM Speed in Gaming PCs?

RAM speed is crucial for overall system performance in them. While faster RAM can enhance gaming and multitasking, the impact may vary based on the game and other system components. Consider a balance between speed and capacity for optimal results.

Key Information:

  • RAM speed impacts overall system performance.
  • Faster RAM can enhance gaming and multitasking.
  • Find a balance between speed and capacity.

Do These PCs Come With Pre-Installed Antivirus Software?

These desktops typically do not come with pre-installed antivirus software. It's advisable to install reliable antivirus programs to ensure the security of your system and protect it from potential threats during online gaming and general usage.

Key Information:

  • No pre-installed antivirus software by default.
  • Install reliable antivirus programs for security.
  • Essential for online gaming and general usage.

Can I Use Mini PCs for Game Development?

Yes, Gaming PCs can be used for game development. Their powerful components, including high-end CPUs and GPUs, make them suitable for tasks like coding, designing, and testing games. Verify the specific software requirements for game development tools before making a choice.

Key Information:

  • Suitable for game development tasks.
  • Powerful components aid in coding and testing.
  • Verify software requirements for specific tools.

Are Desktop Computers Compatible With Gaming Peripherals?

Yes, they are fully compatible with gaming peripherals. They typically feature USB ports, allowing users to connect gaming mice, keyboards, controllers, and other accessories. Ensure your chosen PC has the necessary ports for your preferred peripherals.

Key Information:

  • Full compatibility with gaming peripherals.
  • USB ports support mice, keyboards, and controllers.
  • Check for required ports before purchasing.

How Do Gaming Computers Handle Streaming and Content Creation Tasks?

They are equipped with powerful components and excel in streaming and content creation. Their robust CPUs and GPUs handle tasks like video editing and streaming effortlessly. Check for sufficient RAM and storage for smooth performance in these creative endeavors.

Key Information:

  • Excel in streaming and content creation.
  • Robust CPUs and GPUs for video editing.
  • Ensure sufficient RAM and storage.

Can Mini Computers be Used as Media Centers for Home Entertainment?

Absolutely, Gaming Mini PCs make excellent media centers. Connect them to your TV, use streaming services, and play media files seamlessly. Ensure your desktop PC has the necessary audio and video outputs, making it a versatile addition to your home entertainment setup.

Key Information:

  • Ideal for use as media centers.
  • Connect to TV for a versatile home entertainment setup.
  • Check for required audio and video outputs.

What is the Significance of the Form Factor in Gaming Computers?

The form factor is crucial in Gaming Desktop Computers as it dictates the size, portability, and upgrade options. Smaller form factors enhance portability but may limit upgradeability. Consider your preferences ‚Äď whether you prioritize a compact design or the ability to upgrade components in the future.

Key Information:

  • The form factor dictates size, portability, and upgrade options.
  • Smaller form factors enhance portability.
  • Consider preferences for compact design or future upgrades.

Do Gaming Desktop PCs Come with Pre-Installed Software for Optimizing Gaming Performance?

Some PCs may come with pre-installed software or utilities for optimizing gaming performance. These tools can help users tweak settings, monitor system performance, and ensure an optimal gaming experience. Check the manufacturer's details for details on the included software.

Key Information:

  • Some may include pre-installed software for optimization.
  • Tools help tweak settings and monitor performance.
  • Verify manufacturer specifications for details.

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