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If you want elite computing power without a premium price tag, consider a branded mini PC. Most models feature lightweight laptop hardware to reduce energy consumption and cost.

They’re also compatible with standard monitors and peripherals. With HDMI ports, USB-C connections and Intel Wi-Fi 6 options, they’re incredibly versatile.

Find out why they're better than those big traditional desktops.

They’re Small But Powerful

When it comes to integrating into modern workspaces, mini PCs offer an impressive level of performance in an extremely small form factor. They’re ideal for creating flexible work environments, enabling you to break free from traditional office configurations.

While they don’t have the raw power of massive high-performance desktops, most models are able to handle basic office tasks and even some light gaming. Some of the latest mini PCs are able to smoothly edit 4K video in Adobe Lightroom and run demanding games like Elden Ring.

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The compact size of these devices also means they’re less expensive to operate than laptops and traditional desktop computers. Moreover, they consume significantly less electricity. This is a big deal for heavy users who use hardware-intensive applications for several hours a day, such as video editors and eSports professionals.

Despite being so tiny, most mini PCs come with all the standard computer ports you need. They usually have USB or HDMI inputs, along with an audio jack and a fan, to keep the unit cool. In terms of storage, many models feature a slot for a 2.5-inch SATA SSD, which is perfect for those who need to carry around large amounts of data.

Whether you’re looking for a barebone kit or a ready-to-go mini PC, we have a model to suit your budget and needs. Barebone kits offer a bit of flexibility for tinkerers, while ready-to-go systems are better suited for those who want to get started immediately.

They’re Affordable

The affordability of mini desktop PCs can be a big selling point. Some models can be as small as a thumb drive and fit in a pocket, while others are larger but still incredibly compact.

The cost of a mini computer will depend on its specs, including the CPU (central processing unit) type and amount of RAM and storage. For example, a computer with a higher-end Intel core processor and more memory will generally cost more than one that uses an older mobile chip and less RAM.

Other important specifications for a budget-friendly mini PC include an HDMI port, which allows users to connect their computer to a TV or monitor and enjoy movies, videos, games and other content on the large screen. Some models also feature an SD card reader for adding media from cameras, while others offer Ethernet ports for a wired internet connection.

They’re Easy to Upgrade

If you’ve ever sat in front of your PC, balked by the amount of RAM being gobbled up by your Chrome tabs, then you know how important it is to have an effective memory upgrade path. Fortunately, many of the best mini desktops offer this flexibility by supporting both 2.5-inch hard disk drives and high-performance M.2 2280 form factor PCIe SSDs in the same chassis.

For business users, this is an ideal option that can be upgraded to support the needs of any workflow in a short space of time without requiring the purchase of a whole new device. And for point-of-sale and digital signage applications, the inclusion of industry-standard technologies like Intel vPro ensures that these systems are easy to maintain, upgrade or repair as needed.

While the term “mini computer” might conjure up images of a cramped, cluttered tower, most of these devices have been carefully designed to be quiet and compact enough to tuck away. Plus, they use standard ports such as HDMI and DisplayPort for monitors and USB for keyboards and mice, making them compatible with most existing hardware setups. 


And if you’re looking to upgrade your home theater, some of the best mini desktops also include multiple HDMI and Thunderbolt ports for a smoother experience when streaming movies or gaming. This allows you to upscale your TV and even connect it to a NAS or external hard drive for an immersive media experience.

They’re Versatile

Mini PCs can serve a range of business functions, from a call center to training sessions and boardroom presentations. They’re perfect for organizations that require their employees to share a single device, and they can also be used in place of laptops for workers who travel or have a more mobile office setup. They’re also more effective than tablets in a work environment since they offer far more processing grunt and capabilities.

Some of the best mini PCs feature a wide variety of ports to accommodate various peripherals and devices. This makes it easy to configure them to suit a specific project, and the compact design means they can easily be tucked away or hidden behind a monitor for a sleeker aesthetic. Plus, they’re quieter than traditional desktop computers, which can make a lot of noise and distract workers.

Some of the best mini PCs also come with a range of configuration and upgrade options, ensuring that you can get the right performance for your needs. 

For example, the ACEMAGIC AD08 offers 32GB of RAM out of the box and dual M.2 SSD slots for blazing speed, and it’s outfitted with Intel processors for the best gaming performance. This makes it a solid choice for gamers and computer workers alike. For even more versatility, many models are VESA mountable for wall mounting behind a monitor or TV.

Wrap Up!

Mini PCs offer a compact and versatile solution for various business functions and home entertainment. With their compatibility with standard ports, multiple HDMI and Thunderbolt options, and upgrade possibilities, they provide a seamless experience for streaming, gaming, and work tasks. Their quiet operation and sleek design make them a practical choice for any workspace or home theater setup.

At ACEMAGIC, you will find a huge collection of special deals that allow you to save money and be assured of quality. Our special offers are available now!

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