Being the foremost Mini PC seller in the United States, we consistently go the extra mile to deliver what suits you best. As a result of our Isolated Virus Incident, you were inconvenienced this time, and we apologized deeply in our recent Press Release. 

However, to strengthen the loyal bond we share and alleviate any negative sentiments stemming from this incident, ACEMAGIC will answer some related questions that you may find helpful now and in the future. Besides this, we are always happy to listen to your concerns and resolve them as soon as possible. Let's start solving your Isolated Virus Incident problems with some quick and helpful answers.

FAQs & Answers

HOW Does Redline "Enhance User Experience by Reducing Initial Boot Time"?

In the initial iteration of our system, users are prompted to complete the registration process by establishing a WiFi connection and logging in to their Microsoft account. It's important to note that potential delays may occur during the login procedure, attributable to network issues that could impact the user experience.

To enhance user satisfaction, we are actively working on optimizing this process and minimizing any potential disruptions. Your feedback is invaluable as we strive to provide a seamless registration experience.

How is Malware Such as Redline Stealer Meant to "Speed up Windows"?

By fine-tuning software settings, our objective is to facilitate a swift and user-friendly entry into the system. Your input is crucial as we continuously strive to enhance the efficiency and ease of the login process for our valued customers.

Did They Decompile Windows or Something to Make Adjustments to the Microsoft Source Code?

In relation to the Microsoft system source code, we have introduced new files and made modifications exclusively to these files. The specific purpose of these adjustments is to activate network devices, initially closed during factory setup, only after the user completes the setup wizard and enters the desktop. This measure is implemented to guarantee the normal functionality of the network.

Your Blog Mentions Efforts to Enhance the User Experience by Reducing the Initial Boot Time. However, Someone Suggests it's for Redline. Can You Clarify, and is Any of this Related to Stealing Tokens?

Prior to November 28, 2023, our file lacked digital signatures, leading to inadvertent virus detections. However, since obtaining digital signatures post that date, there have been no reported incidents of attacks or data theft. We are committed to ensuring the utmost security and reliability of our software.

We understand the significance of trust in software applications and have implemented stringent measures to enhance both security and user confidence. Regular updates and vigilance in our security protocols remain integral to our ongoing commitment to providing a secure user experience.

Did You Have a Third Party Verify that the Image is Now Clean?

Aside from detection by Windows Defender, our system also incorporates support for online virus scanning via For more information, please refer to the image on the right.

In our effort to transparency and user safety, we've integrated the option for users to perform online virus scans, utilizing the trusted platform, VirusTotal. This additional layer of security ensures a thorough assessment of potential threats, offering users comprehensive insights into the safety of their system.

Please Advise Where "ENDEV" Certificate Properties Can Be Viewed, What Folder?

Navigate to the directory "C:\Windows\OsVer" and locate the "ENDEV" file. Subsequently, perform a right-click on "ENDEV" and select the "Properties" option for further details. Ensure that the "ENDEV" file properties provide the necessary information for your system assessment.

Are the (Very Small and Unreadable) Images Provided a GOOD Certificate? Or a Bad Certificate?

The file is equipped with a certificate, and consecutive online virus scans via consistently display a reassuring green PASS. For added assurance, the digital certificate confirms the file's legitimacy, ensuring a secure and trustworthy system component.

Concerned About Potential Spyware on My ACEMAGIC Mini PC, Specifically the AD15 Model, Used for Sensitive Accounting Data. Requesting a Detailed Guide for Malware Checks, Removal Procedures, and Technical Support If Needed to Ensure Prompt Resolution and Data Security.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Regarding the file, you don't need to worry. Due to the lack of digital signatures on our newly added system files, some security software may mistakenly flag our files as viruses. However, the file itself will not attack or tamper with your computer. Since November 28, 2023, all our files have been digitally signed.

You can follow the steps in the video to replace the file. After replacement, right-click and check the properties to see our digital signature. This file also supports online virus scanning through"

If you need further assistance or have other questions, feel free to let me know!

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